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Our Hero - Scott

Our Hero - Scott

Donor Since 1987

Meet Hero Scott Edwards.  And this hero’s story has a personal touch. Scott received the first of the five days of injections in his home town of Kansas City. He then flew to Denver for days 2, 3, 4, and 5 at Presbyterian St. Luke’s Hospital, the same place where Genny received her transplant and where she and her Mom, Ann, spent weeks in isolation.

When Scott arrived at the oncology room where the blood work was done, he and Genny saw each other from across the room.  A few minutes later, the nurse came by and told Scott there were two people who wanted to meet him.  The two people were Genny and Ann. Genny wanted to let Scott know what a wonderful thing he was doing by becoming a donor. And since Gen can’t meet her donor for two years, she just wanted to express to Scott that there was someone just like her waiting for the donation to save their life. Scott said it was a moment in time for him.

Scott said Gen gave him the Reader’s Digest version of her story – she talked about her kids and how much they mean to her and how she wants to live a good, long life with them. He said he knew at that moment, “Genny is as beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside.” He said when he met Genny he thought she looked so fragile. His eyes filled with tears when he met her and his eyes filled with tears reliving that moment during this interview.

Scott signed up to be a donor 25 years ago while he was working at a hospital. He was giving blood and learned he could also register to be a bone marrow donor. When asked why, he said it was a no-brainer. Cancer is everywhere. His Mom died when he was only 6 years old of cancer and his aunt has been battling cancer for years.  He said the opportunity presented itself and he jumped at the opportunity. It’s an easy way to get in, get out and kick cancer in the butt in the process.

So 25 years after signing up, Scott got the call while in his car heading home. He almost forgot he had agreed to become a donor. His recipient is a 56-year old man fighting leukemia. That’s all he knows. But he can’t wait to meet him when the year waiting period is over.

What was the donor experience like? Anti-climatic. Once he was hooked up to the machine, he started to feel better almost immediately, and so he just watched TV for 6 hours. He did experience some flu-like symptoms – like a bone ache – but managed it with ibuprofen.

Scott’s goal is to be a registered volunteer for Bone Marrow Donors– an ambassador to donor drives where he will talk about his experience. He said he’s found a way to plug in an easy, passionate way.

Scott doesn’t think of himself as a hero. He said the only thing he had to do was show up. He ended the interview by saying, “Meeting Genny helped me understand even more how important becoming a donor is.”

Thank you Hero Scott and God bless you.

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