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Increasing a patient’s chance of finding a match means increasing the number of people on the registry. Join the registry at our next event or online now!


As a volunteer run organization, we always need help.

Whether you’d like to run your own event or volunteer at one of ours, send us a note and get involved.

Partner With Us

Partnerships are key to expanding education and getting more people on the registry.

Let us know of a great event that would welcome Genny’s Hope!

Each hour more than six people die from a blood cancer

90% of the time a patient relies on the national bone marrow registry to save their life. If you are between the ages of 18 & 44, you could be someone’s cure.  Joining the registry only requires minimal paperwork, a cheek swab but most importantly your commitment.  If you are matched  you must be willing to take the next steps in the donor process. A patient is relying on you to save their life.

Help us pay it forward through volunteer work

Genny’s mom started this foundation as a way to pay it forward, so that all who need a life-saving bone marrow transplant have a match. We remain an all-volunteer organization, running bone marrow donor registration drives. We are here for the long run and need your help!

No one fights alone

In order to expand our reach, partnerships are key.   Not only are we looking to work with other non-profit organization we need help from businesses, schools, churches, community events, etc.  If you know of an event that we could set-up a table to add more donors to the registry.  Let us know!

You Can Help

Learn more about what it means to join the registry